I’ll do it at some point


Not really. I just wanted to type some exclamation points which I was NOT thinking of when I did this design. They just kind of happened. I put the “feathers” on and then the circles balanced them underneath. And so, exclamations.

It’s a beautiful day at least for the next few hours, and I what I would really should do is go out and start building the chicken coop I have been threatening to build for the last month. But it is supposed to rain again tonight and then everything will be soggy and muddy so I should wait. I may be using the weather as an excuse for laziness. But if I don’t get started I won’t have it ready for when the chicks come in.

One of the basic problems is that I keep changing the design for building it. It will certainly be very simple since my carpentry skills are rudimentary and I may also be hindered by wanting to use recycled materials mostly left over from our bathroom re-construction.

I have been noticing coops as I walk around town and getting new ideas and changing my original plans. It’s surprising how many people keep chickens in this city. Some of the coops are really fancy, with windows and carved gates. Unfortunately the fancy ones were behind enough vegetation that I couldn’t get any good pictures. Some are pretty simple – as mine will be. This one is pretty clever.

A mobile hen home.
It is home to 3 very healthy looking hens so it must be sturdy enough to keep the raccoons away, but it doesn’t really look like it is that strong.

I started thinking about keeping chickens again because 1. I miss seeing them strut around the yard in their silly way. 2.Pest control. 3. Fresh eggs. 4. The sound of chickens makes me happy. Hopefully, their sound will make my neighbors happy. We are really tucked in a pretty crowded area and I have a lot of close neighbors, many of whom have changed since I last kept chickens. The neighbor closest to where the coop will go – about 3 feet! – is happily awaiting them, so I think all will go well. He is hoping the chickens bring more wildlife around. He once watched a young redtail hawk sitting in a tree above my chickens, turning its head from side to side and licking its lips, or so he says.

Yep, all the city wildlife comes out in the hope of a chicken or egg meal. Mostly raccoons, but skunks, opposums, hawks, and cats, feral or otherwise will visit much more often. This might not be a good thing for the Gerti dog who, despite her experience, has seemingly never learned to connect that eye-searing pain and human bellows of anger and disgust, with the striped “kitties”.


5 responses to “I’ll do it at some point

  1. !!!!!!!!! I like it!
    best for your chickens, we are letting our friends raise and we buy eggs from them.
    They are so good.

  2. If you google “chicken tractor”, you will find a ton a ton of resources for potable coops. Have fun with your chickens! Good luck!

  3. What a great chicken tractor, I never would have seen the exclamation points till you pointed them out I just saw a very pretty modern design.

  4. But striped kitties are so cute 🙂

  5. i like the mobile hen house… take you whole coop for a run. striped kitties sound a bit like pole cats to me.

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