Lilies and bunnies

Still playing around with the backgrounds on calla tiles. This one has majolica colors over the white flowers and a majolica wash over the layers of glazes on the background.

The skinny calla tile only has majolica glaze colors over the lily and the background is layers of glazes with no maj. over them. This tile might be my favorite so far, although it doesn’t seem to be other people’s. When it happens that something I really like is received lukewarmly by other people, I wonder if I am seeing the actual piece or my idea of the piece – if that makes sense. Maybe I am seeing it as I want it to be instead of how it really is. Usually it is me who is more critical of my stuff than other people. But my sample of people is small so far and maybe I should put this tile away for awhile and look at it in a couple of weeks and then see what I think.

We have been bunny sitting youngest daughter’s rabbit for the last several days. He is a very friendly bunny and reliably housebroken so I have been opening his cage so he can come out and run around and get some exercise. But he just sits in his cage. I took him out and he hopped back in. He wouldn’t even come out for a banana – otherwise known as bunny crack – so I started worrying a little about him. Was he sick or just too used to being in his cage to be comfortable out of it? Kyla is always really busy with school, work and everything else she does, so was the poor bunny never getting to come out of his cage?

Last night Kyla came over and after putting Gerti outside, opened the door to bunny’s cage and went off to see what she could find in the refrigerator. The bunny jumped out of his cage, ran through 2 rooms, bouncing 3 feet into the air doing 180 degree turns before landing, and in general acting like a wild thing freed from chains. When Kyla came into the room, bunny ran over to her and put his head down to be petted. He then went around the room, nudging at our ankles ‘asking’ for attention.

The next day, bunny still here, but not daughter, bunny again won’t come out of his security cage. I’ve heard of one person dogs but never would have guessed that rabbits were that discerning. He sure is a boring pet when she is not around.


7 responses to “Lilies and bunnies

  1. Beautiful callas! I love the first tile especially. How long will bunny be there? Maybe I could come sketch it? My mom told me she visited your blog and spent hours reading everything and thoroughly enjoyed herself, commenting on how interesting and fun your writing is. I told her she should have left a comment but she said by the time she finished reading everything it was so late she had to go to bed.

  2. Oh- the bunny hop!
    Animals are so interesting and funny must be bunny love.
    Great Tiles as always.

  3. OMIGOSH I want a bunny 🙂

  4. Animals are so much more sensitive than we realize, what a sweet bunny; your tiles are beautiful.

  5. I found your blog via Jana Bouc’s blog. I like both those pieces for different reasons. Enjoy!

    I wonder if bunnies are like dogs in that their cages are their safe zones? Maybe Bunny is nervous and feels safer in the cage?

  6. Natalie Thiele

    WOW! Those cannas are spectacular!
    Poor little bunny misses her mom. Sounds like she put on a great show for a moment, though.

  7. Beautiful Majolica!!

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