The book is here!

A while ago I wrote my good news about Craig’s book coming out. It is on Amazon in paperback and the expensive hardback edition. It really is a surprisingly readable book considering he wrote it as an adjunct text for his environmental law classes.

In his words, “I tried to avoid the non-committal, austere, academic prose that forces students to consume copious amounts of coffee to avoid text-induced narcolepsy. Also, I abandoned all pretense of being a detached, disinterested academic and wrote instead as an outraged citizen of planet Earth.”

He was trying to answer the 2 questions that always came up in his classes:
• How well are our major environmental laws working?
• What prevents them from achieving their stated goals?

Here is Amazon’s description:

“The EPA was established to enforce the environmental laws Congress enacted during the 1970s. Yet today lethal toxins still permeate our environment, causing widespread illness and even death. Toxic Loopholes investigates these laws, and the agency charged with their enforcement, to explain why they have failed to arrest the nation’s rising environmental crime wave and clean up the country’s land, air, and water. This book illustrates how weak laws, legal loopholes, and regulatory negligence harm everyday people struggling to clean up their communities. It demonstrates that our current system of environmental protection pacifies the public with a false sense of security, dampens environmental activism, and erects legal barricades and bureaucratic barriers to shield powerful polluters from the wrath of their victims. After examining the corrosive economic and political forces undermining environmental law making and enforcement, the final chapters assess the potential for real improvement and the possibility of building cooperative international agreements to confront the rising tide of ecological perils threatening the entire planet.”
Yep, I’m proud. He is also a surprisingly cheery person to live with.

5 responses to “The book is here!

  1. congrats to Craig and you too! sounds like a lot of research went into this book, great cover too. unfortunately, loopholes are the norm rather than the exception in life nowadays.

  2. Congrats to Craig. The book looks great – hope he gets lots of sales. Imagine to have a book listed with Amazon — yall must be so excitied.

  3. wonderful! I hope we all get a chance to hear the interview when PR gets a hold of the book!
    Really- I might have to look for a copy.

  4. Thanks from Craig. We are really excited. Who knows about sales, but that would be great. He chose the cover art himself and Cambridge liked it. I think he would do a terrific interview on NPR. I’ll let everyone know if that happens!

  5. Congratulations! It looks wonderful. And I loved your last line. It is amazing one can be willing to take such an honest look at how bad things are and still be able to see the good ll around every day and be happy.

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