Nice Nest Needed

I’ve been making many trays lately. I want sets of 3 that nest nicely but with different textures, sizes, and colors. I have a bunch of nice trays but only 2 so far that nest nicely. There should be another smaller tray nesting nicely on top of that orange one, but I have not gotten that nice nest, where each tray has its own personality, curve and color but still relates nicely to the others. The single ones will find nice homes and look nice on anyone’s nice table, but the nicely nesting sets are not nice enough yet.

My little friend, Violet comes to stay with us sometimes while her parents go to have some fun on their own and last night was one of those nights. We were all looking forward to it. She had just come back from a full and exciting spring vacation and she re-packed her rolling airplane suitcase full of things to do at our house, things she might need, and things to show us. But somewhere on the freeway over here, the vacation caught up with her and she fell asleep. Really asleep. Her mom carried her in and put her on the couch and she stayed asleep even when she rolled off onto the (carpeted) floor.

I didn’t, while she was peacefully dreaming, tickle her a little to wake her up so we could play, but I considered it. Her thoughtful mom always brings something when she comes and she brought me this picture in a beautiful Violet-made card:

Violet in a field of callas in the garden where her parents were married.


One response to “Nice Nest Needed

  1. Love the tray — and I think it’s hard to get the nest to stay right through all the firings. What fun to have young friends come visit — I think I would have tickled her awake – –

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