Drat and Drat again

I grimace a little when I think of how easy I thought it was going to be to get a screen made for “the wedding bowls”. Turns out that tattoo artists use a different 3M Thermofax to make transfers for their drawings. Their process makes a carbon copy on a tissue-y paper. I want to burn through an emulsion layer on a woven screen. Drat!

I’m still trying to track down someone with a real Thermofax. Just in case I don’t find one, I am getting a stamp made with Trixie the bulldog’s sweet face, but it sure would be easier to print on each bowl with stain instead of stamping and wiping stain on and off again. One less step for each bowl is one less step times 100 to 150!

I spent all day at the studio today, teaching my class (there are some pretty wonderful newcomers – all with different interests) then loading the kilns and trying to get it all done before the kids’ class comes in. I really wanted to get a couple more trays glazed and in the kiln before I left. As the kids came in, I was moving my small bucket of celadon glaze to another part of the studio and somehow it jumped out of my hand and landed on its side on top of my left foot. Hard to believe how high glaze splashes. Drat!

From the knees down on both legs, my pants were covered in glaze. Surprisingly, my right shoe was glaze free, but the left shoe was a completely (beautiful) pale green. The only good news is that the glaze was fairly thick and didn’t spread too far out in every direction. OK, so maybe that’s a stretch to find some kind of good news. The reality is that it took me a loong time to clean it and myself.

I did stay, though, till I got the trays glazed and then dragged myself and my wet pantlegs home. A friend called around 6 suggesting a dog walk down by the bay. First I said no, but she convinced me it would be beautiful. She was right. It was only slightly windy after a few days of rain, the sun was at that perfect place to make those Modigliani shadows and the birds were singing their invitations for the night. Gerti and her buddy, Bella, dove into the high grass with just their tail tips proving they were still with us. No drat for this part of the day.


3 responses to “Drat and Drat again

  1. meredith@whynot

    a nice end to the day-we visited there once and the bay could steal a girls’ heart.
    I once had a friend who was moving 2 buckets of glaze, in her car, when she hit a pot hole.( on the back county lanes doing 60-)
    The buckets went up and when they came back down the lids popped off!
    Glaze everywhere- she laughed the whole time she told me.
    Good luck with your wedding project!

  2. what about making a decal on decal paper and firing the decal onto the clay? I have my HP laserjet, but have yet to try it. I hope to once I get my new kiln though. if you decide to check out Cynthia Guarjardo’s blog and do a search, she has tons of details on it.

  3. Glaze in the car would be so much worse, Meredith. Now I feel lucky.

    Decals, hmm. would that be fewer steps to make and put on? I’m trying to be really efficient so I ‘ll check into it. I haave never used them.

    Susan left this comment and I don’t know why it is not showing up here. I am very intrigued and want to know more about this process:

    “Have you seen the printing process that uses gum arabic, burnt plate oil and ceramic stains? It works pretty well, mostly on line drawings. You do have to copy your drawing at a Kinko type machine to start.”

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