Chix and Trix

Here’s my first look at the day old baby Auracana chicks that popped out of their eggs and were popped into a box and traveled 3000 miles before they were 48 hours old. I expected that they would arrive the next day and I didn’t have all the stuff baby chicks need like food and a way to keep them warm. While the babies peeped their little heads off, I ran around town looking for starter food and a red heat lamp. The heat lamp was easy. The chick food, not so easy. I thought for awhile I might have to mash up worms and sowbugs for a few weeks, but then I found a pet store that was willing to part with a half pound of their own chick food till I could get more.

The coop in its almost finished state. It was a little like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It would have been a lot easier to build if 1. I didn’t vow to only use recycled wood or leftovers from the bathroom remodel last Fall, 2. I had more tools than my vintage saber saw, 3. I had leveled the ground before I started, 4. I had the slightest idea of what I was doing. It is really overbuilt since I had a lot of heavy redwood 3x3s and 3/4 inch plywood. I challenge anyone to find a right angle anywhere.

But in the end, it functions. The doors and lids open and close. It will stay dry and reasonably warm, and most importantly, raccoons will be kept out.

Some of the wedding bowls glazed and waiting. “We” have had a hard time deciding what shape or size “we” want so I am trying out a few different ones.

I did decide to go with the stamp. After finding someone with a Thermofax to make a screen, I found that it is too fussy to align and hold the screen down properly on the rounded base and the lines were too messy in the end. The stamped image, with underglaze painted into the indentations and the excess sponged off, looks pretty good. The stamp gives a sharp edge and good detail. You can even see Trixie’s little tooth. I am leaving the bottoms of the bowls unglazed.

7 responses to “Chix and Trix

  1. waiting for baby——–
    I love the stamp!
    Looks great!
    We hope to have a baby tonight!

  2. Hi Barbara, the bowl looks great, how do you keep the underglaze from staining the rest of the clay when you wipe it out? I took the work shop from Diana Fayt but my memory is failing me due to the stress of moving, etc.. Looks like all is coming together for the wedding.

    • It is hard to keep from staining the rest of the clay. If the clay is scraped and rolled very smooth and you carefully apply the underglaze just on the stamped area and wipe it off in a tight, circular movement, it works the best. I know that from some trial and much error.

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks for the underglaze info, last night I thought of you, here on craigslist I saw some little chicks for sale that are black and lay copper colored eggs, I was sorely tempted to get them, but I don’t need another project right now.

  4. I finally posted my sketch of the chicks and the fun sketching in your garden tonight (with links to your blog). Have they moved outdoors yet? I love the Trixie stamp and wonder if it would be possible to use it for rubber stamp too? My last sketchbook titled The Mutt needs decoration and Trixie would look great on the cover. Meanwhile I just bound a new one, which I’ve named Rosie in honor of your perpetual chicken name. But I’m going to decorate the cover with roses, not chickens…although…well why be so literal? Maybe a chick would be perfect on the cover…with a rose?

  5. so nice to see you at the birthday breakfast and now i understand what you and jan were talking about when you telling me about the little bowls. they are so cute!! and so are your little chicks. xoxom

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