Can’t be Fall yet

The days are getting shorter and that Fall smell is in the air.  I know some people love this time of year but it always makes me a little sad.  I love those long summer days when you are surprised when you come in from the garden and it is 8:30 and you haven’t even thought about dinner because it still seems so early.

I have had a great time in my garden in the past few months even though we here in the SF Bay area have not had much of a summer.  Fog fog fog – interspersed by a few hot days and then more fog.  The tomatoes are just now thinking it might be ok to get ripe.

I spent an incredible week in Olympia, WA in August.  Not only because my daughter’s wedding – which took place there – was perfect in every way, but because we went from the miserable cold fog to the absolutely best weather week the Pacific Northwest may have had all year.  Claire got married in a beautiful private garden.  Here is one view before the ceremony.

Don’t you just want to roll in that grass? I managed to restrain myself, only because I knew it would embarrass my daughter and I thought I would spare her,  only because it was her wedding day.

I managed to not embarrass myself, too, when I gave my wedding toast, which was a big relief to me.  I get completely tongue-tied when talking in front of groups and I tend to mix up names so I was sweating it for weeks before.  But I was having such a great relaxed time that I wasn’t at all nervous and Claire loved it. Here we are right after.

Remember all those little bowls?  They all now have new homes and I have a small stack of the ones that didn’t come out just right and I am surprised at how many times a little bowl comes in handy during a day.  If you put ice cream in a little bowl, even if you come back and fill it up 2 or 3 times, it still seems like you are having less than if you used a big bowl.

5 responses to “Can’t be Fall yet

  1. Yay! Barbara’s back! I love my mini bird bowls. One holds teabags, one sits on my nightstand to hold my retainer/nightguard thingee) and another holds a special key on my dresser. It got dark at 6:30 today. Booh!

  2. Hey- the wedding is over and summer too! Nice to see and read that all went well- post us a picture of those bowls.
    We pulled out tomatoes a few weeks ago and I still morn them..

  3. My tomatoes were late ripening this year, too, for some reason.

    You looked just lovely at your daughter’s wedding.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter’s perfect wedding.
    I’m glad you are back to posting.
    I miss summer, too. It’s a long way until summer comes around again. I hope next summer we will have summer weather.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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