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Down with Clay

I enjoyed every minute of my day yesterday. Can’t say that very often. It was a gorgeous warm spring day after another cold, rainy stretch, so everyone was out walking around town, including me. First I took a long walk up into the hills with a friend and I got to live vicariously while she told me all about her cycling adventures in Italy. She and her husband ride a tandem and made quite a splash in some small hill towns. (And when she fell and had to have her knee x-rayed, it cost her not a cent.)

At noon I walked downtown to meet my daughter at the Farmer’s Market for lunch. This guy passed me, bunny hopping on and off the curbs. There is no coasting on a unicycle.

Kyla had her bike and so did everyone else and their mother, except Kyla’s, and it was hard to find anywhere that didn’t already have a couple of bikes attached. She finally found a spot on the children’s playground fence. This person decided to just keep his/her furry bike close.

We got our super groovy lunch of veggie rolls and almond and hemp milk drink and a really delicious dessert although I can’t remember what it was made of. Kyla’s roll was made with Spicy Love and mine had Infinite Love mixed in and boy could I taste it!

and Kyla’s iced coffee.
As we were enjoying our tasty nori rolls while sitting on the grass to the side, we saw some people walking through the market in furry cat suits of all types, carrying signs saying things like”Clay is Bad”, “My cat even hates Clay Aiken” and chanting, “Down with Clay”. This town is known for protesting lots of things, but I couldn’t figure out what Clay Aiken could have done that deserved these people’s time and energy so I sent Kyla (who is a much better photographer than I am) over to see what was going on and snap a few.

The tip-off is in this last picture with the guy with the big camera. He is photographing Kyla photographing the “cats”.

Some company was staging a phony protest to make a You Tube video to promote an new brand of organic kitty litter!! There were at least as many people videotaping the scene as partaking in it. And then there were all those releases to be signed by everyone whose image had been captured.

A few minutes later we noticed these signs were everywhere:

and on the other side of the park there was a long line of people waiting to sign up to get $20 to wear a cat suit or carry a sign. It was a really hot day. Those cat suits and heads were heavy. Especially after the suits had been worn by a couple of other people, they should have been paying at least double that.

Just above that sign we noticed another furry thing.

Anyone know what it might grow up to be?

Then to top off my very spring day, I took another walk later to a small lake in the hills and watched the sun ‘slowly sinking in the west’. Good day all day.