Finally Finished!

glazedcolumn column2

I started this sometime last summer so I can’t include this head in my 20 heads project. The column was supposed to be the base for a birdbath I was doing for the Peralta Community Garden that was going to incorporate another artist’s work. About halfway through construction, I realized that the column was too clunky to match the more delicate figures in her artwork, and a birdbath, which has to be cleaned of debris regularly, was probably not a great idea for a community garden. I went ahead and finished it thinking I would add the birdbath to my not-yet-too-crowded-to walk-through-but-almost yard. It sat around the studio for a few months drying and trying not to be too much in the way.

The head started out as an idle moment with some soft paper clay coils. When I had built up to around her eyes, I thought she would be a fountain on top of the column with rivulets streaming down her face, but then I thought about raccoons and their water loving but destructive ways, and by the time I got to the forehead, her destiny had become being a planter.

The head was added to the corner of the studio with the column pieces while I mostly ignored it for months, but occasionally added underglazes and glazes. When I fired the head at cone 5 the orange underglaze was so predominant, I painted on a wash of green underglaze mixed with clear and fired it again, which subdued the orange enough that I could live with it.

But a planter needs a plant and what plant should she wear in her head? Most of the ones I have tried look ridiculous. This is my favorite of the ridiculous.


There is a little succulent with a bluish hue that might look good because it picks up the color on the base and it is low growing. I will plant some of it in the bowl under the head as well as the top, and put the whole thing on a bed of blue toned rock out in the grassy area. Hopefully, it will get completely finished sometime this summer. I think a year is long enough.


5 responses to “Finally Finished!

  1. oh i think it looks great with the plant, makes it looks like she’s dreaming of a plant

  2. jim, A dream – perfect! And now I have a big smile in a puffy thought bubble just above and to the side of my head.

  3. Lovely lady!

  4. Wow, she’s perfect for the garden. I could also see some trailing type of plant streaming down over her hair. I love how you combined your wonderful clay sculpture with a column base. I’m not feeling so bad today because one of my projects – a bird bath pedastal has been sitting in my living room for over a year waiting for me to make a mosaic top for it and I have never gotten to it – one of these days.

  5. Hi Linda, Ah, great minds – I bought a trailing String of Pearls plant yesterday to see how it would look – a tiny, inexpensive one, so it might take another year to start streaming down her hair.
    Your pedestal must look pretty good on its own in your living room. Another great thing about ceramics – the long “shelf” life.

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